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At KHJB, the speed, accuracy, and simplicity of our cutting edge solutions allow us to truly contribute and expand the scope of financial services in the corporate sector. At KHJB we help out clients adapt and grow in this evolving economic climate.

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Our Vision

At Al Khaleej Bank

To be the leading banking institution locally and regionally and to be appreciated by our customers through our core values, services and modern banking solutions that suit their needs.

Our Mission towards Our Customers

Providing innovative banking services that are compatible with the aspirations of our clients and in line with the regulations and principles of Islamic Sharia, in addition to our ambition to play a leading role in the banking industry in order to contribute to the economic development of the country.

Our Mission towards our Employees

We respect ideas, ambitions and initiatives, We believe in the principle of qualifying, training and developing our employees and We enhance the spirit of teamwork in order to achieve the desired goals.

Our Core Services

At KHJB we dedicate all our efforts towards providing our customers with simple, safe, and a satisfying experience with all our banking services be it online or physically at our branches and offices.

Retail sector services

Different types of Accounts (Current – saving – Investment) ATM card allows clients to withdraw Cash from their accounts 24 hours from any ATM machine of our bank or any other bank.


Corporate Sector Services

Provide financing to agricultural and industrial sectors. - financing Infrastructure projects that aim to enhance sustainable development. - financing external trade through Al Khaleej bank correspondents."


Bank Deposit

Secure your future through Gulf Investment Deposits, which have achieved the highest return on profits in the banking system, the bank manages your funds and invests them in accordance with Islamic Sharia


Internet banking

It's a 24-hour service that allows you to transfer funds between accounts, and to view the movements of all your accounts and Balances, all through the Internet, anytime and anywhere in the world, saving a lot of time and effort


Al Khaleej SMS

Al Khaleej SMS service is one of the electronic services offered by Al Khaleej Sudanese bank to the Sudanese market.It enables clients to receive SMS messages with all transactions data that has been done immediately.


Point of Sale

Al Khaleej Bank clients are able to use their ATM Card at all banks Point of Sale at commercial centers and they can benefit from all service offered by the national Switch through the point of sale machines such as bills payments, balance request.


Al Khaleej Bank

Alkhaleej mobile

  • Ability to reach your bank account any time / any where
  • Ability to transfer money between the client personal accounts in the bank.
  • Ability to transfer money between the client accounts and other accounts inside the bank
  • Ability to purchase electricity.
  • Ability to purchase scratch cards for mobile
  • Ability to perform requests for balance, statement, currency rates and checks in clearance
  • Possibility of electronic collection for customs, high education and governmental fees.
  • Possibility to get basic information of the bank.
  • Possibility to get ATM and Branches locations via Google maps.
  • Possibility to communicate with the bank for checks book request or issuance for ATM Card.

Smart Branch

We appreciate the importance of your time and your aspirations to receive a service that is in line with your unique lifestyle, so we have put in your hands our latest branches that enable you to experience a distinctive digital banking experience that meets your needs around the clock, seven days a week. Now, you can fully control your account, withdraw and transfer money, and issue check books, along with other benefits provided by Gulf Bank through the widespread smart points.

We adhere to creditability towards our clients in providing new products that satisfy their needs and expectations, making sure that all transactions are performed in accordance with Sharia rules and principles and according to international banking standards. Al Khaleej bank pursues quality principles and new global innovations and standards in the banking industry.

Our Values

Point of Sale

ATM Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Find relevant answers to most of your queries here.

Al-Khaleej Bank HQ located at Sudanese capital “Khartoum” at Africa street.

Currently KHJB has 9 branches that provide all kind of banking transaction, please follow the link to find branch location via google map:

You may open an account by filling the account opening form at the nearest branch, you may also open the account in SDG currency or any major foreign currency.

The minimum limit for opening the account is determined according to the estimates of each branch separately. You may contact our branches using the following link:

Yes, we guarantee a bright future with many options as following:

  • Fixed Deposit for 12 Month, provide you with highest profits, you may not withdrawal or deposit, and profits paid at the end of the year.
  • Fixed Deposit for 6 Month, provide you with high profits, you may not withdrawal or deposit, and profits paid at the end June and December of each year.
  • Fixed Deposit for 3 Month, provide you with an excellent profits, you may not withdrawal or deposit, and profits paid at the end March, June and December of each year.

Flexible Deposit for 3 Month, provide you with an excellent profits, you may not withdrawal or deposit, and profits paid at the end March, June and December of each year.

KHJB Smart Branches contains ATM machine, cash deposit machine, Cheques printing and deposit machine and Be smart tablet to provide all card banking transaction.

We provide you with deferent kind of services such as opening saving and current accounts with any currency, and provide you our mobile banking, internet banking and many other options that can make control your account in fast secure way.

We provide you with deferent kind of services that fit your business including corporate finance & KHJB deposits, Point of sales for merchants and stores, and corporate card to make control of your account in fast secure way.

Al Khaleej Bank

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